“Randy not only has a passion for kids but a unique ability to relate to them and bring them to a knowledge and relationship with Christ.”

… Josh McDowell

“Randy Brown is the Real Deal. From years of Real Life experience working with youth, Randy is sure to connect with teenagers, help youth workers understand the realities of youth ministry, and speak his honest faith to you. What I like about Randy, you see what you get. No hidden motives. No hidden agendas. Randy is a guy who wants to Love God with everything he’s got, and help youth get it!”

… Andy Braner, Founder and CEO of Camp Kivu

“Randy is one of the few people who motivated me to go to church. He’s always positive, kind, and willing to help anybody. Even though I was only part of his youth for a short period of time, I definitely have a better relationship with God.”

… Shelby Floyd, High School Student

“I am a student who had the pleasure of being under Randy Brown’s ministry. It takes you to a deeper level. His ministry helped our group grow together as family. Life lessons and Godly characteristics were instilled in me and my friends. My life was changed by the opportunity I got to have this man a my pastor! I would not change it for anything. He is a Godly man who lives to reach the next generation!”

… Claudia Adame, High School Student

“Randy has his thumb on the heartbeat of modern youth ministry. He is Christ-centered AND relevant! He has been groomed well from his work with Saddleback and the Purpose-driven youth ministry to his experience with Josh McDowell. If you haven’t hired him to at least speak to your youth and parents, then you are behind the proverbial “eight-ball.””

…Tony Rivers, Experienced Nonprofit Executive and Senior Pastor
(North Carolina)

“I recommend Randy Brown for working with youth in any capacity in any youth ministry. I worked with Randy at Crestview Baptist Church and I can tell you that Randy has a passion for the youth and their connection to God. Every week Randy freely shared the word of God in a very loving and personal way with youth who were raised in church to the youth who never had attended church before. Randy has a way of connecting to youth and as one person put it, Randy will draw a crowd and that he did. Randy was able to reach youth that no one had ever reached before; many claimed that it was their first time to attend church after talking to Randy. It was a blessing to have worked with Randy Brown. Randy has a great ability to communicate his material in a relevant matter for his audience. Students are a hard group to get to stay focused and actually learn something. I have seen students sit in their seats and listen no matter how long he teaches.”

… Keith Colvin, Youth Ministry Volunteer / Elder

“Randy spent a week in Vermont helping us train young adults to become leaders in our church. He also spoke each evening at a weeklong youth revival that we called “Youth Explosion.” Both the training portion of his ministry and the preaching portion were extremely helpful in moving our young people toward a closer walk with the Lord. I am pleased to recommend him to anyone looking for a qualified youth speaker or trainer for youth workers.”

…Terry Dorsett, Associational Missionary,
Green Mountain Baptist Association

“We are a small rural Christian School with a dorm and receive students from around our state, country and from other countries who want a college prep  Christian education.   On the recommendation of  Chuck Klien from  Campus Crusade High School Ministry, we invited Randy Brown to share a Spiritual Emphasis Week with us.   Randy came and shared himself and his desire to see kids become disciples of our Lord.  He preached, taught classes and generally interacted with our kids.  And he invited the students to continue to interact with him after he left.  He didn’t worry that he would be overwhelmed or give the  impression that he was too busy for a small place like ours.  We appreciated his personal and real approach to presenting a life of discipleship.”

...John Spillman,  Local Pastor – Lustre Christian High School (Montana)

“Randy is willing work with the topic given him and comes up with sessions that are relevant and truthful.  He has a willingness to help in whatever capacity needed.  When he first move to North Dakota he was the one to contact me and let me know that he was willing to help wherever I needed him.  That is a rare quality to have – offering to help before you are asked.  For all these reasons, we have really appreciated him at our camp.”

…LeAnn Lindteigen, Program Director – Crystal Springs Baptist Camp
(North Dakota)

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