Crash: Living Life at the Point of Impact

What does it mean to be fully alive? What does God want to communicate from the Cross? Crash: Living Life at the Point of Impact is an eye-opening journey that stresses the importance of living life right in the middle of where God is working. The point of impact of any crash is where the most force and change occurs. It is the same way with our relationship with Christ. Christ’s death on the cross was the point of impact that changed the world. The core message is to equip students with the tools to live a life that functions at “the point of impact” with a personal Savior who wants to give us an abundant life which in turn impacts the people and community in which we live. The people Jesus impacted were changed by an inevitable crash course that would change the way man would connect with God forever. If you are tired of just existing and want to be “fully alive”, come along with me on this journey of discovery as we seek to live life at the “point of impact”.


“Crash: Living Life at the Point of Impact is a fresh and creative approach to making the biggest IMPACT we can with our lives.  It is a Must Read for anyone who wants to make the most of the life that they have been given and to leave a legacy of faith for future generations.” – Josh McDowell – Author of Evidence that Demands A Verdict

“I’ve known Randy for a lot of years. His commitment to the principles and teachings of faith have been a driver in his life.  One thing I admire about Randy and the way he orchestrates life is, it’s all about Relationship, and Crash is no different.  While taking time to explain tough theology, Randy never looses sight that a relationship with God and with people.  The Bible is about relationship.  Jesus is about relationship.  It’s all about relationship.  A Big thanks to Randy for inviting us into a way to look at scripture and continue to remember Relationship is the key.” – Andy Braner, President of KIVU

“Randy is passionate about people knowing Jesus. Even more this book is the reminder that a personal relationship with Jesus matters. We all have points of impact and how we use those to bring glory to God matters. It starts with our “impact” with Jesus Christ and then as we reach out. I knew the final chapter of the book, but when I got there it was a point of impact for me.” – Brian Alnes, Executive Director, Lake Beauty Bible Camp, Long Prairie, MN

“Randy’s simple and soul-bearing approach to Missional Living is refreshing in a day when so many are looking for meaning and purpose in life.  A Must Read for anyone who wants to lead a Transformation Life and have a Trajectory of Legacy.” – Darin Pepper, City Director, First Priority of Metro Atlanta

“Randy’s approach to living a life of IMPACT will not only inspire you to live a Transformational Life but also a set your life on a Trajectory of leaving a lasting Legacy” – Ben Smith – High School History Teacher, Swim Coach, FCA Staff Advisor.

“Crash:  Living Life at the Point of Impact is a soul bearing and heartfelt approach to living life to the fullest.  Randy’s down to earth style and thoughtful approach communicates the need for each of us to make the most of life we are given.  It is a Must Read for anyone looking step out of their comfort zone and embark on a journey that will change the trajectory of their lives.” – Doug Fields – Co-Founder of Download Youth Ministry and Author of Purpose Driven Youth Ministry

“Randy’s genuine and systematic approach to Missional Living is refreshing in a day and time when we are so concerned with “me”, “my”, and “mine”.  Crash: Living Life at the Point of Impact is a journey to uncover what it really means to live a Transformational Life.  If you are tired of living life on “autopilot “, this book is a must read.  Randy has laid out a road map for us follow to make the most of our lives and make the greatest impact in our homes, schools, and communities that will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come”. – Josh Griffin – Co-Founder of Download Youth Ministry and Former Youth Pastor at Saddleback Church

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