Published Articles

Absolutely (Nov 2010)
Be Real (Nov 2010)
Be Still (Nov 2010)
Incarnational Student Ministry (Nov 2010)
God and the World (Nov 2010)

Whatever Became of Holiness (Jan 2011)
Missional Call (Jan 2011)
Seeing Christianity for the First Time (Feb 2011)
The Way to Heaven (Feb 2011)
The Next Crusade (Mar 2011)
Land of Nod (March 2011)
Invasion of the Soul (Mar 2011)
Postmodernism and Student Ministry (Mar 2011)
The Younger Evangelicals (Mar 2011)
Standing Alone (March 2011)
Resurrecting Excellence (Mar 2011)
The Kingdom (Mar 2011)
Prophet and Evangelist (Aug 2011)
Faith Development (Aug 2011)
Take it on the Run (Aug 2011)
Needs-Based Evangelism (Aug 2011)
The Message of the Gospel (Aug 2011)
Thoughts on Planting Missional Churches (Aug 2011)
Life Together (Aug 2011)
Ministry on the Image of God (Aug 2011)
Enjoy the Journey (Aug 2011)
Social Gospel (Aug 2011)
Emerging Churches: Creating Christian Community in Postmodern Cultures (Aug 2011)
The Bible: A Fresh Look at an Ancient Text (Sep 2011)
Spritiual Disciplines for the Christian Life (Sep 2011)
A Theology of Christian Counseling (Sep 2011)
Leadership in the Trinity (Oct 2011)
The Least of These (Oct 2011)
Postmodernism and Music (Oct 2011)

Broader Service Needed for Reaching Today’s Youth (May 2012)
Church 101: The Acts Church Revisited
Holy War Inc.(May 2012)

Crash: Living Life at the Point of Impact (April 2013)
Honor: A Forgotten Value
Our Hope (April 2013)
Point of Aim, Point of Impact (April 2013)
Cross-Cultural Ministry Strategy as it Relates to Teens
Discipline of Grace
Power: An Unseen Commodity or Position of Influence (May 2013)
Seasons in Ministry (May 2013)
Small Groups:The Velcro of Student Ministry (May 2013)
The Following: Utter Devotion to Christ (May 2013)

The Mobile Youth Pastor (May 2016)


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