Randy Brown’s heartbeat is to relay Biblical Truth to a generation seeking relevant Christianity in today’s world. With a culturally-relevant style, Randy shows the importance of understanding God’s Word so that we may show God’s love to an unbelieving world. When the Bible seems complex to understand, Randy shares real-life examples to teach teenagers, parents, youth leaders, and even pastors how to focus on Jesus, and show Christ-like love to everyone around them.Randy speaks about…

1.) The Importance of a Biblical Worldview

2.) The importance of developing a Missional Student Ministry

3.) The necessity to live a life of discovery by “Transformation”

4.) The importance of understand the “Whole” Gospel and living it out.

5.) The Importance of Missional Living.

A veteran Youth Pastor of 28 years, Randy brings life to the Scripture in such a way that every person attending your event senses his deep desire to live life together. The community he desires to build with your leaders is rivaled only by his heart for delivering God’s message. Randy’s heartbeat is investing his life in the hearts and minds of junior high, high school and college students, but there is no doubt his ability to communicate with parents and youth leaders is equally effective.

Interested in more background information on Randy?

• FAMILY – Three children, Emily, Bethany, and Sarah.

• ACADEMICS – Graduate of Columbus State University in Columbus, GA holding a Bachelor of Arts Degree with an emphasis in Social Sciences; Ordained Minister; Master of Youth Ministry Degree from Wesley Seminary

• SPEAKER – Spoken at various Retreats, Summer Camps, and School Chapel Services across the country.

• WRITER – Current contributor to the Youth Worker Journal and Interlinc.

• TEACHER – Specific topics include: Worldviews, Apologetics, Creation, Relationships, Arts & Entertainment, American Heritage, Absolute Morality, Understanding Evil, World Religions and Relevant Christianity.

• TRAINER – Currently serves as the North Dakota State Director for the National Network of Youth Ministries (NNYM)

• MISSION – “. . . to change the course of a youth culture in America.” With a passion for the youth in America, Randy has walked with teenagers and their families for 20 years in order to teach young people how to imitate Christ in a world longing for answers. “…Love God…Love your neighbor…what else is there?” (Matthew 22)

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