New Chapter Begins

As most of you know, on December 1st, my family and I embarked on a new adventure. I stepped down from my position on staff at a church in North Dakota to pursue a dream that God birthed in me over 7 years ago. In faith and assurnace of my calling, I am starting a new Consulting and Speaking Ministry. I have a burden to help train and develop Youth Pastors. I also want to help Student Ministries in the local church become missional in their approach to reach students. I also enjoy speaking and teaching. I believe that God has gifted me with ability to preach and teach the Word of God in a practical, relevant way. So as I step out into unknown territory, I ask for your prayers. I want to follow God’s leading no matter where that takes me. My goal is have at least 3 consulting clients and 25 Speaking Engagements in 2016. God is beginning to open some incredible doors. I will be speaking and setting up an Exhibit Booth at 3 Recharge Events in January and February. These conferences mainly target volunteer and paid Student Ministry and Children’s Ministry leaders in the local church which will allow me to highlight the ministry options that I can offer. So if you need a Speaker for an event in 2016, keep me in mind.

I am also in the process of finishing my first book. The core message is to equip students with the tools to live a life that functions at “the point of impact”with a personal Savior who wants to give us an abundant life which in turn
impacts the people and community in which we live. There are several Key Points I want cover in this book.

Key Points

  • Impact displays our intimacy with Christ
  • Impact determines our Identity
  • Impact determines our Trajectory
  • Impact directs our Influence
  • Impact will define our Legacy

This book will equip students to live out their faith in everyday life and make the biggest impact with the gifts and talents that God has give them. Student will be equipped in the following ways:

  • Students will understand the “impact” of true intimacy with Christ.
  • Students will discover their identity is determined by the “point of impact” with Christ.
  • Students will discover that an “impact” with Christ will determine the trajectory of their life
  • Students will discover that their influence with their friends, family, and community will be determined by the extent of this “impact” with Christ.
  • Students will develop a desire to leave traces of this “impact” for othesr to follow.

I am planning to self publish this book. Self Publishing will allow me to have complete control over the project. I will be free to be creative in the format of the book, the layout, the cover design, and marketing strategy. In order to self publish this book, I will need your help. I am using Kickstarter, a Crowd Funding Site, to help raise the funds to publish this book. Please prayerfully consider giving to make this dream a reality. Click here to support this ministry effort.

We are excited about this new ministry opportunity and the possibilities that it brings. I will be updating this blog regularly on how God’s Great, Grand Story unfolds for this ministry and our family. If you would like to be a Prayer Partner, please email me at I would welcome your prayers. I will be sending our regular Prayer Updates. Thanks again for your love and prayers as we enjoy the journey…


One Comment on “New Chapter Begins

  1. As an old retired pastor, I will faithfully pray for you and the family as you begin this ministry. May God bless you in this venture.


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