Junior High Camp Wrap-up

I had the awesome privilege of speaking at Jr. High Camp. (June 22-27) It was an amazing week. Over 190 campers got to experience a week of fun, study, worship, friendship building and physical challenges in the beauty of God’s creation in rustic North Dakota.

As a values-based organization, the Army uses expressed values to provide its fundamental ethical framework. The Army’s values lay out the ethical standards expected of soldiers. It uses them to judge its systems, processes and
decisions. Army values and the ethical decision making together provide a moral touchstone and workable process that equip soldiers to make ethical decisions and take right actions confidently. The ethical aspects of some decisions are
more obvious than others.

The church is also a values-based organization. The core moral values of the Ten Commandments, the prophets, the gospels and the letters of the apostles have shaped the way Christians view the world. It gives believers a spiritual course on which to set the lives. Just as the Army tries to shape and mold soldiers with values that will help them succeed. Ministers and churches need to providespiritual direction for their congregations.

During Junior High Camp, we focused on what it means for Christ to be the conquerer of not only this world, but also our lives. In the Army, we used an Acronym to help us in our Battle Planning and Mission Evaluation entitled METT-TC. METT-TC is a mnemonic used by the United States Army to help commanders remember and prioritize what to analyze during the planning phase of any operation. During the main sessions at camp, we explored these 6
factors of METT-TC, and discussed them in detail as they pertain to our walk with Christ.

METT_TC is a concise, bite –size overview of the battlefield. The METT_TC gives commanders the necessary information needed to combat the enemy and in turn achieve victory. We will spend time unpacking this concept as it applies to the spiritual battles we find ourselves in daily. We will spend some time analyzing the battlefields of life and how through Christ we can be more than conquerors. Students discovered a new way to evaluate their spiritual life and develop the tools and insight to navigate the battlefield of culture and adolescence. My prayer is that these tools will help them to be victorious in the Spiritual Battles they face in the future.


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