Sacred Romance

This past week I finished reading a book entitled Sacred Romance. It was a great book. After reading this book it made me reflect on a few questions and gain some insight into myself. Below is what I experienced as a result of reading this book:

What are some things I most long for in life? In what ways does my spiritual life offer anything relevant to the deep yearnings of your heart?

I really long to be happy. I want to be able to make a difference in the world. I want to make a real contribution. My relationship with Christ has shown me that I was put here for a purpose. The bible says that God will give you the desires of your heart. I firmly believe
God calls each one of us to a particular ministry. God has called me into Mission Work and Youth Ministry. I feel that there are many
souls in this world that can be won for Christ that do not attend a formal church. For me, that ministry field is with teenagers. I have a burden to see young people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus. I firmly believe we are just but one generation away from a world that will have no knowledge of Christ. I have a passion for teaching young people about the Christ I believe in and follow. I want to take time and invest my life in the lives of young men and women.

My favorite memory

My favorite memory has to be when we went fishing at my grandpa’s house. It was a great time. The whole family was there. We would spend all weekend fishing and spending time with the family. We would spend every weekend during the summer at his place. We would have a great time.

My favorite childhood story
My favorite childhood story is when I thought that I had gotten my foot cut off. My grandmother had an Antique Shop that was in an old house that had wooden floors. My family and I went up one Saturday to help her clean the store. My uncle was using a floor buffer to clean
and wax the floors. I was not paying much attention to where I was and the buffer ran over my foot. I started to scream and run around and eventually ran outside in a hysterical frenzy. My grandpa stopped me and asked what was wrong. I said that the buffer had cut my foot
off. He said “How did you run out here if your foot was cut off?” He made me look down at my foot. It was still there. It was a day I will never forget.

My favorite toy
My favorite toy was my Erector Set. I loved to build
things. I would spend hours building these elaborate buildings or a car with a motor that actually ran. It was great. I thought that I would be a great builder one day.

My favorite game
My favorite game was Battleship. I got it for Christmas
one year. I played that game non-stop for what seemed like a month. I liked the game so much because you could beat your opponent using the element of surprise. It was a game of whit. I liked to be able to outsmart the other guy.

My favorite special person or best friend

My best friend was
Joey Thompkins. We were in the same class from Kindergarten through the 5th grade. We did everything together. My best memory was when we went to Atlanta to see a movie on his 10th birthday.
It was the coolest thing I had ever done. We saw Flash Gordon and ate Juigy Fruits. We went back to his house and spent the night. I still remember thathis birthday is Feb. 22.

What do the above “favorites” tell you about you?
I can see how great my life has been. I can also see what
brings my heart great joy. I realize that I must get back in touch with my heart. I need to operate from a heart for God and not a call to duty. I must serve him out of my heart’s joy if I am going to make any impact at all in the lives of the students that he has called me to minister to.

What I would consider to be my “arrows,” how they have affected me, and how have I dealt with them.
The arrows in my life are few. The two that I can point to that have had the greatest impact on me come from my parents and my friends. My parents always pushed me to be the best at everything I did. I did my best because I wanted them to be proud of me, but it did not seem to be enough. When I would get an award or play at a band concert my dad would always point out how I could have done it better. All I wanted was to here good job and I am proud of you. Not how much better it could have been. This has caused me to be a perfectionist and seek performance based acceptance. God
has really been working on this area of my life. I realize that God accepts me as I am. I can not do anything to make him love me
more or love me less. The other came from my friends. Life for me seemed to be going fine until I started High School.
I wanted to fit in. I always seemed to be just outside the “in crowd”.
In the 11th grade, I began to hang around some friends I thought accepted me for who I was. I was wrong. One weekend my friends went to a concert and did not invite me. The nextday I asked why I was not invited. They said that they had tried to call me but I was not at home. I was at home, and they did not try to call. I found out later from another friend that they did not want to hang out with me anymore because I cramped their style. I was hurt. Life continued like this for another year. It took me a while to make friends
after that. I had a real trust issue with people. I did not want to let people get close to me for the fear of getting hurt. I still have a hard time opening up. I am getting better at this. I am starting to develop some great friendships. I am slowing letting my guard down.
God has been faithful and He will continue to see me through.

This book really caused me to think about things that I have not thoughtabout in years. It just points to the complexity of life and how this journey with Christ can shape us into the person he wants us to be. I have realized that the destination of the journey is only possible if we appreciate every stop on the journey along the way.
So enjoy the journey…


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