Sermon Prep Day #2 – Uncaged

The freedom that comes from Christ is unlike the freedom we experience on a daily basis. In the US, we have the freedom to do basically whatever we want as long as we do not break any laws. We are free to believe what we want, live where we want, study anything we want, and really become anything we want. We call that freedom. The freedom that Christ gives is much different.

When Jesus gets to Bethany, he begins to see a large crowd of people who have come to grieve with Mary and Martha over the death of their brother Lazarus. He is moved with compassion and even weeps at the loss of this dear friend. Many people begin to question Jesus’ motives and even suggest that if he were there earlier Lazarus might still be alive. Jesus had something else in mind. He wanted to display his power and set Lazarus free. That same freedom is offered to us through Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.

God tends to speak to me through music. I think that I was even born with a song in my heart, and I have been chasing a melody ever since. There is a song by the Zac Brown Band (My Georgia Brothers from another mother). The title of the song is “Uncaged”. It talks about this type of freedom. Our lives get into this cycle of busyness, and at times we are in a cage just running on that hamster wheel and getting nowhere. We need to be freed or uncaged to be the people that God has made us to be. Below is a link to this song. Listen to the words and ask yourself, “Do I need to be uncaged?” God has a great, wide-open ready for us to enjoy and explore. Let God set you free. Imagine the door of that cage swinging open and now you are free to fly.


One Comment on “Sermon Prep Day #2 – Uncaged

  1. Agreed! I have been pondering this since I read and listen to the song yesterday. Since we live in a free country and are able to do what ever we want I believe it is easy for us to be shackled to this worldly life and be caged by the busyness of it. We forget our true & everlasting citizenship is in heaven with God. It’s a ton of stimulation day to day pulling our attention to and fro. I think it’s a thought like understanding God’s love for us. It’s awesome and vast-a bit overwhelming for us to understand. His freedom seems to be along the same lines for me. It’s phenomenal and wonderful , yet that human side of me feels it’s out of reach unless we spend more time with him. Less of me more of him. Then his love and freedom envelopes us and then we begin to understand and fly. When we spend time with our true love then we do fly. We all know what that feeling of contentment and joy and all is right because we fell in love-he is able to give us the freedom and feeling if we follow him.


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