Sermon Prep Day #1

As I am preparing the message for this Sunday, I am beginning by asking the Question:  “What leads to a Spiritual Awakening?”  This Sunday we will be exploring a message entitled “Awake My Love”.  We will be looking at the passage in John 11:1-44.  We will be looking at the place in Jesus’ ministry where he is summoned to the grave of a dear friend who has died.  Jesus does the unexpected.  We see the power of God in the resurrection of Lazarus.  What does this story have to do with us?  I want to begin by asking a few questions.

1.  What area of your life needs to be resurrected?
2.  Are you fully alive?
3.  What does it mean for Jesus to be the “Resurrection and the Life” in your everyday world?

I would really enjoy your feedback as I prepare this message.  Please respond to these questions as you feel led.

Also below is an article from Leadership Magazine that sheds some light on the process of Spiritual Awakening.

I look forward to your comments and taking this journey with you as we discover what it means to be awakened to the Grace of God in our lives.



One Comment on “Sermon Prep Day #1

  1. As you know, our small group is studying spiritual awakening and revival. Spiritual awakening, (the lost, Jared by events or witnesses of Christ) awakened to the fact that perhaps that God does exist or even that He loves them, happens when Gods people are Revived,revealing to the lost that God is real. God is at work already, but when the chosen are revived, the awakening of the lost happens naturally (supernaturally) and many come to Christ. So without Gods People living as we should, awakening is somewhat limited, thus preventing others to a faith in Christ. So its not just then unsaved that need change, but the Saved to be revived. Without prayer, none of this becomes reality. That is why our next study is on prayer. I could talk all day on this, but hopefully you get my drift. Thanks again for taking time to visit our small group, it was helpful. Gary


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