The Gathering Day Two

Day 2 began with a flurry of activity. Everyone was going their separate ways on the service projects. Our two teams met in the central part of campus. We had a brief commissioning rally that ened in prayer for the week’s projects. The VBS Team loaded buses and departed for the Beacon Community. Our construction crew walked a mile to our project house. The VBS team began by welcoming kids and getting ready for the week. We had miscommunication with the host, and our team ended up being in charge of the entire VBS. Our Adults and Students were fast on their feet and were able to pull off a great day. They only had five kids so it was a short first session. They spent the rest of the afternoon passing out fliers to children and families in the area. Our Constuction crew arrived on site and began demolishing a rotted 35 ft. fence. We were able to demolish the entire fence, dig and pour 3 news posts, paint half a gazebo and part of the porch. The day ended with a great message from Eric Samuel Timm. He is painter and speaker. He spoke on the power of Forgiveness which in turn leads to restoration. He painted an incredible picture of Iron Man during the worship music. He encouraged the students to write a letter to someone that they needed to forgive even if that meant that needed to write the letter to themselves. We often have a hard time forgiving ourselves. We finished with great Youth Group Devotional time. These students amaze me everyday with their willingness to serve and their heart for growing in their knowledge of Christ. I feel very blessed as a Student Pastor to be leading such a great group. Well it is time for dinner. More tomorrow!!! Day 3 hear we come!!!IMG_0580








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