The Gathering Day One

Well we finally made it. After a 16 hour travel day we made it to sunny, Orange County CA. The trip was very smooth. All of the logistics from the bus ride to Minneapolis, to the airline flight, to the bus ride to the campus, went off without a hitch. We heard a great message for Pastor Chris Brown of Northcoast Church here in LA. He really challenged our students to serve and live a life of service for others for the glory of God’s Kingdom. We finally got settled into our rooms about 11 PM (1 AM Jamestown Time). We are up and ready for the first day of our service projects. We will split up into 2 teams. One team will be doing construction on a house here locally. They will be repairing a porch and building and painting a fence. The other group will be leading a VBS for kids in the area at a local park. Please be praying for our students to have opportunities to share and grow in their faith as they give themselves away this week. I can not wait to see how God is going to show up and show out. More tomorrow. It is time for us to do Kingdom Work. Later…..IMG_0561





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