Alice Fell


In our Christian Life, we are taught many Disciplines that shape us into the person God wants us to be. We learn the disciplines of prayer, scripture reading, hospitality, and service. One discipline that goes unnoticed or overlooked is the Discipline of Thanksgiving. I realized that the discipline of giving thanks is a new concept for me. I would often give thanks in my prayer, but I never considered it a discipline. The discipline of thanksgiving is really more of a state of mind or it may be better to describe it as a state of grace. Our very lives are an example of God’s grace to us. We often neglect the small things in life and forget to be thankful for all we have been blessed with. One example of thanksgiving that really spoke to me is a passage about Paul and Silas. In Acts 16:16-40, we see an example of 2 men who had every right to be angry and bitter over their capture, but instead were singing praises of thanksgiving to God. This might seem strange, but God tends to speak to me in unusual ways. A couple of years ago, I went to court with one of my students to support them at an Arraignment Hearing. As I sat there and looked around the room, my heart began to sink. I was face to face with the cost of sin as it runs rampant through our world. Charge after charge was read and each person entered his or her plea. Some plead guilty others plead not guilty and wanted a jury trial. For the first time, I could really see how much I have been saved from. The only difference between the people in that courtroom and me was grace. I was given a gift of grace that is open to all who would receive it. My heart swelled with thanksgiving and praise. I walked out of the courthouse that afternoon with a greater appreciation for the gospel than I have ever had before. I also had a renewed my passion for the lost. There is a lost world out there, and we have been given the responsibility to share this good news with others. We have been called by Christ to be “transforming salt” and “attractive light” that point people to the saving grace of God. The Discipline of Thanksgiving is a way for us to be reminded of God’s Amazing Grace. This grace is available with no strings attached. If we walk in a state of grace, we will begin to see things through the eyes of Christ. We will love what He loves. We will be heartbroken by the very things that break His heart. Take some time this month reflecting on God’s Grace and how He would want you to share that grace with others. This concept reminds me of a song that some friends of mine wrote. The song Alice Fell tells the story of an orphan girl that is taken in by a man in town. His gift of grace and a new home was the epitome of grace. This is exactly what God does when He adopts us into his family by the blood of Christ. We must be willing to show the same grace we have been given to the world around us. This will transform our world!!!

Below are the lyrics to Alice Fell:

Alice Fell
Miserable night and he was homeward bound
Til through the peals of thunder he heard the awful sound
And he could not ignore a voice in despair
So stepping from his coach he found her weeping there

“What’s the matter child?” His voice was so kind
She said, “I’ve torn my cloak and it’s all that’s really mine
I haven’t any family to call my own
My name is Alice Fell and these streets are my home”

No one stopped to heal her hurting
Though they knew it all too well
Until one stepped forth to ease her burden
And touch the life of Alice Fell

He took her to a place where love is supplied
Where the food is always warm and the weather stays outside
But better yet in her eyes was a brand new friend
And the brand new coat he bought made her smile again

Though I never knew her or saw her face
I know how it feels to be touched by grace

Alice saw true love in action
And one act of love saved me as well
For my soul by one divine transaction
Has been clothed anew like Alice Fell

I must stop to heal her hurting
For I know it all too well
I’ll step forth to ease her burden
And touch the life of Alice Fell

For my soul in one divine transaction
Has been clothed anew like Alice Fell



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