Camp (Day 5)

Another great day at camp. Today we worked with the Beginner / Elementary Level students. They have really progressed. Their English is improving everyday. At first they were very shy, but now they are the ones initiating conversations with us. It is great to see their eyes light up when they get a word or phrase correct. These levels include children ages 6-10 and adults in their mid 50’s. Please be praying for us and all the campers. A virus seems to be going around. Several people have stuffy noses and sore throats. We have been at camp now for 6 days and we are finally getting into the flow of the program. We are all having a blast!!!

On Sunday, July 21, we will be communicating with TBC via Skype during the 10:30 AM Worship Service. Please make plans to be there or listen to the service live at We will be briefly sharing what God has been doing at camp.

We will soon be making preparations for the “American Party” on Monday. The campers will decorate the main hall. Each team will decorate their table to reflect a certain state. We hope to convince one group to be North Dakota. It is usually a highlight of camp. All the campers dress up and the menu will consist of typical American food. The Native Speakers will have to come up with a skit to entertain the campers. We are not sure what we are doing, but it will have to be big and very impressive. That is just the expectation, so we can not disappoint.

I have included a few pictures from the past few days. These photos will give you a slight feel of the camp atmosphere.

Please continue to pray for us and all of the Native Speaker Team. Thanks and God Bless. More to follow later…

Russia Mission Team









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