Building a Missional Family

Check out this great resource below:

Are you married? Do you have kids?

If so, then like me you’ve probably found yourself scratching your head wondering,

“What does it look like to build a marriage, raise children and build a family around Jesus, the gospel and mission?”  

You know how hard it is somedays just to get out of bed, much less encourage and lead your family to follow Jesus into everyday mission. It’s hard enough just getting the kids off to school, much less model for them (and your spouse!) a lifestyle of obedience to Jesus.

That’s exactly why we’ve developed this FREE Guide: Building a Missional Family.

In this helpful guide you will receive:

  • 5 practical resources for building a missional marriage
  • 7 practical resources for raising missional children
  • a total of 12 practical resources for you and your family

I think this will be a great resource for you as your look for more ways to build a missional familywith the gospel!


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