Practical Ways to Be Missional

Check out this great resource from the Verge Network:

Although the word “missional” has become quite a buzzword recently, it really just means that we live every day as missionaries. Jesus said that “As the Father has sent me, so I send you” (John 20:21). That word “sent” is where we get the word “missional.” It simply means that we live as Jesus lived – as sent people who live everyday life with gospel intentionality.

But most of the time when we think of living on mission we immediately get the idea of adding events and service projects to an already crammed schedule. Busy schedules seem to keep us shackled and lifeless, keeping us from living out the mission of God in our lives every day. And with more and more calls to live on mission, we are left felling guilty and frustrated.

But is there a better way?

Yes! In fact, most of the simple ideas you’ll find in this free tutorial are very much in the context of your everyday life, but when looked at with a lens of gospel intentionality become not just ordinary tasks, but eternally significant rhythms of your life that are teeming with gospel opportunity.

This FREE Tutorial, Practical Ways To Be Missional, includes practical examples of simple things you can begin doing to bring gospel intentionality to your schedule. Hopefully as you are reading through these examples it will spark ideas for your own life!

I hope this is a great resource for you as your look for more ways to practically engage others with the gospel – without adding anything to your schedule!

Grace and Peace,

Michael “Stew” Stewart
Founding Director, Verge Network


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