Missional Church

As we begin a month long discussion on the Missional Church, it is only fair to begin with a great video by Michael Frost on what the Missional Church is. In this video, he does a great job of laying out the description and vision for the Missional Church. After you watch it , I would be very interested in your comments. Thanks for going on this journey with me. Together we will discover the role of the Missional Church and how that will play out in the life of TBC!!!


5 Comments on “Missional Church

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the video this morning on the missional church. This is a topic that I had never thought about before, because I thought we the church, were doing the work of the Lord. In a sense. I knew that we were called to go, but had not really put a severity to the idea. I like how he used the three Latin terms to assist in getting his points across. His third term participatio christi really helped me to see that as a child of God I am not really in unity with Christ in my daily walk. I do understand that I am human, but I thought to myself that there are some areas that I could work on more. I could use a tune up, if you will, in some areas of my life. I also realize that we are not perfect and in a sense are always in need of a tune up. I need to put more effort into sharing Christ with others. I need to not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus, but rather excited to share it with everyone.
    Another point that was made in this video is how well your Church is known in the community. Will our Churches be missed if they were to be taken away, or would anyone notice? This is something that I can work on as member of Central Baptist Church in my own walk, and also will try to encourage the same points to the fellow members in our Church here in Gillette.


  2. Great Video. Just got in from South Dakota today; we will listen to your sermon as soon as it is uploaded to the TBC website.


  3. I watched the video. Makes a lot of sense and yet what will it mean to me. How did our church/society stray so far. It’s easy to compartmentalize my life. I need to stop doing this. During church I prayed that I would see opportunities God puts in front of me. I received a call from an old friend and we r reconnecting this week. GOD is Awesome. Asking for prayer to encourage her.


  4. Thanks for this link! Just listened to it and am anxious to hear your message from Sunday as well.


  5. Thanks for this link! I just listened to it and am anxious to listen to your message from Sunday, too.


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